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Doink the Clown

Doink the Clown
was an infamous wrestling villain (known as a "heel") who dressed as a clown and was known for committing cruel pranks such as popping children's balloons with a cigar, splashing water on the audience and using a fake prosthetic arm to attack opponents. Once he even attacked an opponent with a car battery and his arena theme was also noteworthy for starting off as a happy "circus theme" before descending into a dark, threatening tune complete with cackling sound effects reminiscent of evil clown laughter.

Although Doink the Clown no longer appears in wrestling he is remember by many as one of the sport's more unusual and effective villains - (it is also worth noting that Doink the Clown was not a single wrestler, he was portrayed by several wrestlers throughout his career).

Doink began by making ringside appearances, playing tricks on fans and wrestlers but made his in ring debut in 1993. Doink continued to play cruel jokes to amuse himself and put others off guard. From tripping The Big Boss Man to attacking Crush with a loaded prosthetic arm, Doink maintained his jokster nature. He also breifly fueded with Randy Savage and Bret "the Hitman" Hart after Hart substituted for Jerry Lawler at SummerSlam 93'.

Doink eventually retired and would continue, however, to make random appearances. From the Gimmick Battle Royale of Wrestlemania 7, the 15th-Anniversary Royal Rumble in 2007 on RAW, and his latest appearance in 2012 against heel wrestler Heath Slater. Doink would return once more on RAW's 1000th episode to aid in the defeat of Heath Slater amongst other WWE/WWF legends.

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