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Dohnaseek was a Fallen Angel allied with Raynare in the latter's plot to steal Asia's Sacred Gear.


Dohnaseek was a middle-aged-looking gentleman with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His outfit consisted of a pale violet trenchcoat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and a black fedora.


Dohnaseek was shown to be somewhat of a battle maniac. In the anime, Dohnaseek was shown to be somewhat arrogant, looking down on both Rias and Akeno who came to confront him and his allies.


He was the first Fallen Angel to attack Issei after he was revived as a Devil.

Later on, he, along with Kalawarner and Mittelt, fought against Rias and Akeno during the Occult Research Club's mission to save Asia from Raynare. He was terminated by Rias' Power of Destruction after making fun of Issei for how he was treated by Raynare (then as Yuuma) on their first date, which angered Rias.

Powers & Abilities

Being a Fallen Angel, Dohnaseek had the ability to create and throw light spears to kill Devils.

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