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Dogurava is the main villain from Truxton/Tatsujin and it's sequel, Truxton II/Tatsujin Oh, acting as the final boss in both games.

A galactic alien conqueror, Dogurava commands the Gidan Armada, setting it's sight on the planet Borogo. The Gidans attack Borogo, utilizing five gigantic asteroid bases. A orbiting cargo ship from Borogo is destroyed, but a pilot aboard the cargo ship manages to escape using the Truxton fighter, deciding to counter attack the Gidan forces before they can reach Borogo. The pilot fights through the asteroid fortresses and crushes the Gidan's forces, facing against Dogurava himself in the final battle and defeating him.

Much time later, Dogurava reemerges and reunites the Gidan forces, launching a full-scale attack against Borogo. Without much time, the pilot takes the Truxton fighter and scrambles to once again repel the invading Gidan Armada. The Gidan forces are defeated, with Dogurava being destroyed for good.

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