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The Dogormin are the personal bodyguards of the Zangyack emperor. They are always seen working in groups of two.


The Dogormin are similar to Sugormin, but are red in colour. Despite this resemblence, the Dogormin warned that their enemies would be wise not to judge them on their appearance, claiming to be even more powerful than the average Action Commander. They armed with spears that they can use together to fire blasts in the shape of the Zangyack's Escutcheon. They are also capable of teleporting in order to enter and withdraw from battle and possess their own fleet of purple-colored Zangyack Battleships. They were led by Action Commander Deratsueigar before his death at the hands of the Gokaigers.


The Dogormin are normally seen by the emperor's side in the throne room, but are occasionally sent out on imperial business. Their flagship brought Deratsueigar to the Gigant Horse to help Warz Gill in his efforts for the second invasion of Earth.

Later on, their flagship docked at the Gigant Horse where the Dogormin present Waruzu with a gift from his father: the Giant Robo, Great Warz. They arrived on Earth and confronted the Gokaigers (bar Joe; who was fighting Barizorg) after they defeated a force of Gormin and Sugormin and were infuriated when Luka mocked them. Despite the Dogormin taking an early lead in the battle, the Gokaigers transformed into Sentai Allies (Captain Marvelous as Wolzard Fire, Gai as Black Knight, Luka as Zubaan, Don as Signalman and Ahim as DekaSwan) and were able to counter the Dogormin and force them into withdrawing.

The Dogormin reappeared after all the Gokaigers are reunited, commanding a platoon of Gormin and Zgormin to find and destroy the Gokaigers. When the Gokaigers wiped out the platoon, they tried to attack the Gokaigers with their energy shots, only for all of them to either miss or deflected by the pirates' weapons. They are then destroyed by a Rising Strike/Gokai Legendream combo attack.

Two more appear when Ackdos Gill himself arrive onboard the Gigant Horse. They drag away and imprison Damaras for failing to protect Warz Gill.

During an assault on the Gokaigers two enlarged Dogormin are seen fighting GoJyuRex and two more fighting the remaining Gokaigers on the ground, but are quickly defeated by Gai when he transforms GoJyuRex into GoJyuJin and when the remaining Gokaigers use the GokaiGalleon Buster. Later, two more appears as guards in the cell holding Damaras.

When Marvelous was captured, the Emperor decided he would have a public execution, with a pair of Dogormin as the executioners. However, they were stopped by Don. The Dogormin then proceeded to attack the Gokaigers, but were quickly defeated by them after they all changed into Green Rangers.

On Christmas Eve, a pair of Dogormin accompanied Bibaboo when he tried to turn everyone into dolls. The Dogormin were destroyed by the Gokaigers after they all changed into Yellow Rangers.

When Insarn went to take on the Gokaigers, Ackdos Gill sent four Dogormin to back her up. While a group of five Sugormin fought GoJyuJin, the Gokaigers changed into representatives of the five last teams whose Greater Powers they collected. Captain Marvelous took on Insarn while the other four fought a Dogormin each. The Dogormin were destroyed shortly before Insarn was finished off.

When Ackdos Gill began Zangyack's final invasion of Earth, the Gokaigers stood up to them. Marvelous turned into TyrannoRanger, then becoming Armed TyrannoRanger when Gai as DragonRanger gave him his power. Marvelous managed to swiftly take down two Dogormin.

When Marvelous and Gai arrived on the Gigant Horse, they stormed into the bridge where the Emperor was and immediately destroyed two Dogormin with their final wave attacks.

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