A Dogoo.

Dogoos are somewhat cute, tiny canine creatures that are enemies encountered in all entries of the Neptunia video game series. It is considered to be a very weak and easy monster found very early in the game, even the first encountered in most cases.


Dogoos are little blue gel (or possibly slime) creatures that resemble a big teardrop and seem to be mixed with either a dog or raccoon. They consist of brown up-point ears, black button eyes and brown nose on a small circular tan muzzle. They also have rounded raccoon-like tails.

During battle they usually use their entire body to fight and can be seen hopping up and down. They seem to be happy, in terms of expression and as evident in some pictures. They are like normal Gels and can liquify if they must. In Neptunia V dogoos can be appear in pink gel or slime.



  • The Dogoos are possibly the weakest enemy in game.
  • The type of enemy "Gel" in which they are based off is very common in all rpg/mmo games, most famously the Dragon Quest series.
  • In the Japanese version, it is called slinu (mix of the words slime and inu (dog in Japanese).