Bones, bones, bones.
~ Dogman

Dogman is one of Lord Palethorn's henchmen, along with Mander. He appears in MediEvil 2.


Dogman is a working class thug, employed for his strength and fierce disposition. Loyal to Palethorn out of stupidity rather than duty, he is exploited and bullied by Palethorn to do his bidding. As a side affect of the spell cast by Palethorn, he's mutated into a creature that most resembles his primal nature: he grew a fury pelt and dog like features.

Dogman first appears in Greenwich Observatory where he patrols the area while Mander is operating a machine called The Great Scope in an attempt to find pages of Zarok's spell book so that Palethorn can have full control of the undead. Sir Daniel Fortesque, who had infiltrated the observatory vie hot air balloon, crash lands onto the machine causing a brawl between Palethorn's henchmen and Dan. Dan escapes, thwarting Palethorn, even though the scope turned up a page of the spell book.

After securing the final page of the spell book in Cathedral Spires, Dan is confronted by Palethorn, who takes the page and deciphers it while Dogman and Mander are sent to kill him. Dogman is the first of the 2 henchmen to be killed.

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