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Dogbert is a character on Dilbert by Scott Adams.


He is a extremely intellegent dog with a megalomaniacal desire to rule the world and enslave the human race. He has scamed several companies and made billions of dollars. He also often bullies his owner Dilbert, such as stealing a device Dilbert made to create unlimited energy, however he does often help him at times. For example, he saved him from being executed by the evil director of human resources, Catbert and often gives him advice. However, his dislike of humans often gets the best of him.

In an episode of the television adaption he tricks Dilbert into saying 2001, as in 2001: Space Odessy when he was taking a shower that had a voice-contoled thermostat. He often uses people's stupidity against them, such as the Pointy-Haired Boss , and can don on several disguises to trick people. Some people have believed that he was a beagle, but Adams himself said that he was never one.