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Dog man

The Dog Man

'The 'Dog Man is a minor character in Stephen King's The Shining and is one of the poltergeists that inhabit the Overlook Hotel. The dog man is an unidentified guest from the Overlook's past. Wendy Torrance sees the ghost of this man dressed in a dog costume performing fellatio on another guest in one of the hotel rooms at the Overlook.


The Dog Man is first seen by Wendy who was running up the stairs looking for her son Danny when she heard strange noises amid from the poltergeists that inhibited the Overlook. After looking around a few corners atop the stairs, she saw what at first glimpse appeared to be a dog but was actually a man in a dog costume orally servicing an English butler in one of the hotel rooms. After being caught in the act, the Dog man and the English butler stop mid-coitus and look eerily at Wendy from their room, causing Wendy to become more frightened and run away.

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