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A Dog-headed Man, also known as a Cynocephali.

The Cynocephali or Dog-headed Men are humanoids with the heads of dogs have been reported since ancient times. Cynocephali were supposed to be a race living in Africa, who cannibalized humans. But seeing such beings in modern times would seem incredible, yet there have been increasing reports of these creatures. Most sightings occur at night, though some have happened during daylight hours. Bizarrely, some have reported the men indifferently walking along main roads, attired normally, except they have the head of a dog. Most witnesses insist the head is too real in appearance and lifelike motion to be a mask. Some reports have been more sinister, where the creature has been caught unawares lurking around at night, near woods or the darkness of a backyard. One night-time jogger reported that a dog headed man kept pace with him as he ran across a field, staying alongside until the petrified man finally made it to his well lit doorway. There was one report of a DHM seen through a window from outside a house, lurking towards the kitchen. Other cases describe DHM’s who stand outside at night and look in through windows.


One man reports that his friend once saw a dog-headed man. The story is taken from here.

The sighting happened about twenty years back in a suburb of Birmingham, England called King's Norton. My friend, who we will call Dave, was around twenty two years old and he relayed the story to me about two years after it happened. Dave was a very straight chap, not at all interested in mysteries, paranormal topics, UFOs etc and was well known for his honesty. He knew I was interested in such matters and one night told me he wanted to share something he hadn't talked about with anyone before.

His story starts with him coming home from a night out with friends in Birmingham city centre, although he had been drinking he stressed he was not drunk and had a clear head. He got off the night service bus at Kings Norton Green and decided to cut through a large playing field, which sits opposite the cemetery at The Green, to the canal at the bottom which would have cut about half an hour off his walk home. It was a clear night with the moon providing a fair amount of light but it was very cold. He started to walk along the path which runs along the edge of the field linking to a small road before you reach the canal that runs onto a main road. After walking about a quarter of the length he glanced to his left and saw a very tall man walking parallel with him across the other side of the field, he estimated that the guy was about seven to eight foot tall which made him look a little more carefully, whilst still walking. He noticed to his surprise the guy had what appeared to be the head of an Alsatian dog. At first he thought maybe it was a mask of some sort but as he looked he could see the creatures breath coming from its snout (it was very cold) and there seemed to be a fluid movement as it walked, not the stiff neck you'd expect from a mask placed over a mans head. The creature was wearing a long, dark coat and never looked in Dave's direction. Dave panicked a little at this point (he's exact phrase was his arse was chewing toffee!) and decided to speed up his pace, which he did. He glanced again to his left and was alarmed to see the DHM had matched his pace but stayed on a parallel course. He stayed calm and continued his brisk walk observing the DHM from the corner of his eye, if the thing changed it's direction he would run but he still hoped it was all a bad dream or a hoax. At the bottom instead of crossing the brook that runs along the base of the field leading to the canal he cut right up the small road, just before he reached the road he broke into a sprint and looked fully at he DHM to see what it would do. It kept pace with him but didn't appear to be running again maintaining it's parallel course. It stepped over the brook like you would a small puddle at which time Dave had to turn his back making the sprint to the main road. He said that was the worst part, imagining this thing was right at his back. At last he reached the main road with a fair bit of traffic to build his confidence and turned to see if this thing had followed him. It was nowhere to be seen. That's pretty much what he told me, although I will add he was almost in tears as he told me and was shaking, to be honest so was I.

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Sesame Street - Dogs bake homemade bread

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