Doeke Riebeeck was born in South Africa and raised as a racist. He loved the big cities as a child and saw them become like fortresses over the years.

(MCP#23/2): Doeke got on TV at the side of Anton Pretorius as representative of the troops, and he spoke out against the actions of the Black Panther. Doeke told everyone in front of their TV to help them stop the Black Panther.

(MCP#24/2 - BTS): Doeke stated comments about many victims and witnesses of the Panther's actions in the Security Forces.

(MCP#25/2): Doeke met with Pretorius in his bureau and was angry because his men weren't allowed to shoot the Panther at sight. He broke the glass of Pretorius' desk and waited for his reaction. He listened to the story of Van der Merwe and got him as a new partner in his search for Black Panther. Pretorius wished Doeke and Van der Merwe good luck for their mission.

(MCP#29/2): Doeke, Eugene and a bunch of soldiers checked on the dead from a fight between the Comrads and the Fathers. Doeke informed Pretorius over walky-talky that the Black Panther had been sighted there the night before. He left with Van der Merwe to patrol the area.

(MCP#30/2): Doeke was still in contact with Pretorius over walky-talky. He was patrolling through the area where Slade's store was and heard gunfire. Doeke and Eugene headed with their truck to the source of the gunfire. Doeke stopped the contact with Pretorius over walky-talky.

(MCP#31/2): Doeke arrived with Eugene at Slade's store and they saw Black Panther fighting in the store. Doeke ordered to wait for more troops. He wanted the building surrounded, but Eugene entered it and Black Panther got away. Doeke was arguing with Eugene because he disobeyed his order.

(MCP#33/2 - BTS) - Doeke Riebeeck, Eugene Van der Merwe and a bunch of soldiers found the hidden sonar glider of Black Panther.

(MCP#33/2): Doeke watched how Van der Merwe and other soldiers tried to break the sonar glider of Black Panther. Doeke climbed onto one of the wings and tried to calm the stubborn Van der Merwe down. Black Panther arrived and threw them from his sonar glider.

(MCP#34/2): Doeke tried to shoot Zanti after he attacked Eugene Van der Merwe. The Black Panther returned with his sonar glider and broke the hand of Doeke with a wing. Doeke dropped his gun and watched the blood and bones of his shattered hand while Black Panther and Zanti flew away.