Dody Rogers

The villainous Dody Rogers

Dody Rogers is the main villainess from Murder, She Wrote episode 3.13, "Crossed Up."

She was played by Colleen Camp.

Dody Rogers is the conniving wife of Gordon Rogers, and the daughter-in-law of lumber millionaire Jeb Rogers. When she learned that Jeb was set to change his will and leave his fortune to his granddaughter, Leslie Cameron, Dody plotted with a man named Abel Gorcey to kill Jeb, which is done in Jeb's home. To tie up loose ends, Dody ran over and killed Abel.

After overhearing Jessica Fletcher's conversation regarding a diary that could incriminate her, Dody went to Jessica's home to silence her. She cut off the phone wires and the electricity before breaking in to the home, dressed in a black raincoat and slicker. By that time, Jessica had figured out Dody's villainous role, but at that moment, the evil Dody appeared to Jessica with a gun pointed at her, demanding the diary. Once the police arrived, Dody attempted to escape, but she was caught and arrested.


  • Colleen Camp appeared twice on Murder, She Wrote, only playing a villainess in "Crossed Up"--her first appearance.