That wasn't very nice, now was it? For i shall sit at the right hand of the Lord, did you know that? For we are many, were you aware of that? You ant, you piece of excrement... You nothing! And now, Apocalypse. The End of All Things. Your voodoo harlot was correct, Michael dear. The End is Nigh. And it's sooner than you think!
~ Victor Batrachian
Doctor Victor Batrachian also know as The Lizard King is the secondary antagonist of the adventure-horror game, Shadow Man. He is a demented serial killer and Legion's second-in-command.


The Lizard King

Victor was born to a banker in Geneva and a student in forensic psychiatry and a licensed practioner, he began to steal money from his female clients after killing them. Victor later used a green card and moved to the United States of America and started a second killing spree under the name of "Lizard King". He was eventually arrested and sent to the Gardelle County Jail Texas.


Victor was recruited by a malicious and demonic entity named Legion and the legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper to be the leader of a group composed of half-demon undead serial killers know as The Five. Victor obviously accepted and began to work as a red herring and decoy for Legion. After the heroic voodoo warrior Shadow Man killed most of The Five, incluinding Jack, Victor was the only one left and eventually meet Shadow Man. He eventually tried to kill Shadow Man but his demonic spirit was finally destroyed by him. Legion took his form for a short time during the final battle.