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Dr. Thaddeus Morocco is the recurring antagonist of Transformers: Rescue Bots. He is a mad scientist who is more interested in wealth than in helping others, and has manipulated events from behind the scenes to make sure he comes out on top.

He was voiced by Tim Curry.


Born sometime in the 19th century, Morocco made his career in science by stealing the work of others, including an incredible cellular regeneration chamber that he used to artificially extend his life by rejuvenating his body periodically up until the series.

In 1939, he became a member of the scientific community in Griffin Rock, and was involved in creating the time machine, but the project was dropped due to a lack of power source strong enough to power the machine. However, he soon witnessed the arrival of several Rescue Bots who traveled back in time, and believes that their powers and abilities can be put to good use for his own purposes.

In the present, Dr. Morocco became bent on either discrediting or destroying the Rescue Bots, and to do so, he would to have engineer a series of incidents that would give him an opportunity to be in the top, such as: infecting the town's mainframes with a virus and and framing Doc Greene, resulting the latter to be fired and for Morocco to be appointed as the new lead scientist. Another example was when he used a stolen weather machine to have everyone evacuate the island, allowing him to figure out about the Rescue Bot's origins as Autobots. He also created his own line of robots called MorBots, designed to have the Rescue-Bots' capabilities and to serve their master. However, the Rescue Bots and their friends managed to thwart him, though he escapes every time until one day, he was forced to surrender by the Autobot High Tide, who had him imprisoned. Morocco attempted to escape, but his best friend Jules Verne takes him to the future, where Jules erases Morocco's memory before showing him around in future Paris.



  • Doctor Thaddeus Morocco is loosely based from Doctor Arkeville, a human villain from the original Transformers series. However, unlike Arkeville, Morocco plays a more bigger role in the Rescue-Bots series, being the only major Transformers villain in a TV series to be human.

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