Doctor Synapsis is an evil scientist and the main antagonist of the Tales from the Darkside story, "Bigalow's Last Smoke" - in this dark tale he traps a man inside an elaborate prison designed to mimic his own apartment and begins a torturous experiment designed to stop his smoking addiction.

The experiment is inhumane and involves using a device to "punish" Bigalow every time he tries to smoke, the punishments becoming worse and worse until ultimately Bigalow is driven to near-insanity.

Then as Bigalow seemingly awakens from the ordeal he is once again trapped in one of Doctor Synapsis' evil experiments after trying to get some coffee, having given up smoking after the torture - only for Doctor Synapsis to appear and inform him they will now be "treating" his "addiction to caffeine" : suggesting Bigalow is trapped indefinitely in Synapsis' insane prison.


  • the idea of an evil anti-smoking antagonist has also been used by Stephen King in "Quitters Inc. " of Cat's Eye.
  • Prayogshaala from "No Smoking" is also an evil anti-smoking antagonist.