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Doctor Shemp is a villain from Spyro the Dragon. He is employed as the boss of the Peace Keepers home world by Gnasty Gnorc and is tasked with defeating Spyro. He is the second of six bosses fought in the game.


Doctor Shemp is a large, orange shaman. He sports sandals and frontal metal armor that protects his chest and stomach from Spyro's flame breath. He wears black sunglasses and carries a long staff. Trondo, the dragon frozen before Shemp's boss fight, derides him for being arrogant and apparently talkative about how "cool" he is.


Spyro the Dragon

Doctor Shemp appears in the self-titled level "Doctor Shemp" in the Peace Makers home world. His boss battle is similar to that of Toasty's, as Spyro must flame him three times; each flame attack will cause him to leave the current platform and cross a bridge to the next. However, Shemp must be hit in the back, as his front is covered in flame retardant armor. He attempts to hit Spyro with his staff, which Spyro must dodge and jump over. After the third successful flame attack, Doctor Shemp falls and vanishes, leaving behind gems.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Doctor Shemp does not appear in this game, but he is referenced. One of the skateboard tricks that Spyro can preform in the game is called "The Shemp", which is a homage to the shaman.

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