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Come back outside little flower. We are all very interested in hearing the rest of your political views. We love people here with high-moral standards... Just don't forget to take your clothes back on. Remember, it is standard procedure before seeing a doctor!
~ Doctor Ripper
Doctor Ripper is one of the two main antagonists (along with Michael Gibbons) of the 2001 horror film, Slashers. He is a prolific fan-favorite Slasher and the leader of the American Special Slasher Trio.

Story Edit

During the introduction, because of his fame, Doctor Ripper is the last Slasher to reveal himself to the audience, much to their happiness. Miho states that not only he is returning from a three-month absence, but is the show's all time scoring leader. Minutes after the contestants enter the arena, Doctor Ripper attacks Megan but rather than killing her, he rips off her clothes and leaves her for Preacherman, but she escapes. Doctor Ripper later threatens the group taking refuge inside a small house in the middle of the arena and reveals Megan's motive of joining the show to everyone. After Preacherman is killed by Rebecca and Megan, Doctor Ripper and Chainsaw Charlie attack them, Doctor Ripper restrains Megan and forces her to watch Megan being cut in half by Chainsaw Charlie. Afterwards, Megan rips off Doctor Ripper's mask and he again rips off her clothes as response before torturing her for a while. After Megan escapes from Chainsaw Charlie and reunites with Devon, Doctor Ripper appears in a bridge and threatens them, but the conversation is interrupted by Chainsaw Charlie's sudden appearance. Following the group's reunion, they end up in a room filled photos of previous contestants who didn't make it, most of them being Doctor Ripper's victims; one such victim was Megan's close friend. Doctor Ripper reappers and attacks Brenda, slashing her cheeks and Rick's hand in the process. Later, Doctor Ripper attacks the group and manages to kill Brenda by decapitating her with his scissors. After Megan and Devon argue with Michael, he is seemingly killed by him as they hear his screams of pain. Doctor Ripper traps Devon in a room with Michael's "dead body" inside and fights Devon. Doctor Ripper sneaks up behind Devon and tries to decapitate, but he evades this attack and stabs Doctor Ripper in the ear, killing him. Though Devon had won, Michael stabs and kills Devon and steals Doctor Ripper's gear, assuming his role as the remaining Slasher.

Personality Edit

Doctor Ripper is a sadistic and perverted sociopath who enjoys causing as much pain as possible to his victims. Unlike the other Slashers, he prefers to humiliate and torture his victims before brutally killing them. Despite being the cruelest Slasher, he is, in his own twisted way, polite to his audience, the other Slashers and the contestants. He speaks with an European accent and most of his phrases usually make references to his role as "doctor", which serves to frighten his victims even more.