Doctor Reich
was a madman and supervillain from Howard the Duck who was obsessed with the former German dictator Adolf Hitler - his obsession became so bad he started to believe he actually was Hitler.


The man who would become known as Dr. Reich served as the dentist to Adolf Hitler. When Hitler died, it was this man who identified Hitler's body in its burned out bunker by his dentures. So obsessed was this man by his Fuhrer that he removed his own teeth and replaced them with Hitler's dentures. After some time, he came to believe himself to actually be Hitler.
Not much is known about the decades following World War II. Dr. Reich was first seen in the modern era as the much-shadowed director of Sauerbraten Mental Health Facility, where he was served by nurse Barbara, who was also apparently his lover. Dr. Reich, with assistance from Rev. Yuc, investigated the superhuman mental powers of an inmate Winda Wester. This involved an attempted exorcism and a peripheral encounter with Howard the Duck and Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Following these events, Reich, Barbara, and Yuc vacated Sauerbraten and relocated to Rev.Yuc's private university.
Reich organized the group BEST, recruiting several other would-be world conquerors in an effort to take over the minds of everyone on earth and place them under Reich's control. This plan hinged on harnessing the powers of Winda Wester. By duping Howard the Duck, now a close friend of Winda, into "winning" a trip for four to Dreadcliff Manor, they manipulated him into bringing Winda to them.
Reich had little success attempting to force Winda to willingly assist him. Nurse Barbara smashed Winda's friend, Paul Same, who had wandered in while sleepwalking, over the head with a mace. Fearing that Paul had been killed, Winda unleashed her powers on Reich, causing him to see a multitude of chaotic media images. Delusional, he began firing his gun, unwittingly shooting and killing one of his allies in BEST, the Mahagreasy Migraine Yogi. As the group began to fall apart, Reich degenerated into believing he was in Berlin during the Allied invasion, and he took his own life with his gun. Nurse Barbara explained his past to Howard, Winda, and the others.