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Doctor Psycho is a fictional supervillain and an enemy of Wonder Woman - he is also been a member of Injustice League Unlimited and The Society.


As a schoolboy, Doctor Psycho was laughed at by his class mates because of his diminutive stature and unusually large head. Psycho especially took offence to being laughed at by girls. Throughout his subsequent life, Psycho felt both desire for beautiful women and a psychotic hatred of all women.

Psycho went to medical school and began research into psionics. He fell in love with a young woman named Marva, who regarded him merely as a friend. Psycho decided to hypnotise Marva into loving him. He then discovered that he could use Marva as a medium through which he could draw ectoplasm, the substance found in the spirit world, and materialise it on earth in whatever form he willed. Psycho uses the ectoplasm to form a heroic body around himself and has battled Wonder Woman under the identity of Captain Wonder.

Other Media

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online - Cinematic Motion Comic - Doctor Psycho Wants it All

DC Universe Online - Cinematic Motion Comic - Doctor Psycho Wants it All

Lex Luthor hires him to work on the DNA experiments at his Meta human hospital, particularly Supergirl. Later on the patients breakout and Supergirl captures Psycho. The player must make it past the escaped patients and Supergirl in order to free Psycho.