Doctor Phosphorus

Dr. Phosphorus is a scientist turned radioactive monster in the DC universe and is primarily an enemy of Batman, though he had also fought other characters.


Doctor Phosphorus was originally known as Dr. Alexander Sartorius. While working with a nuclear reactor, the reactor cracked and shot him full of radiation making his skin and organs invisible and making his touch radioactive. He could also shoot radioactive energy beams. Angry at his hideous transformation, he began seeking revenge on those he deemed responsible. He sold his soul to Neron in exchange for control over his previously uncontrollable powers. He became an assassin for hire and tried to kill Starman when hired by Mist, Starman's archenemy. He would face him a second time and give Starman terminal cancer. The third encounter would send Doctor Phosphorus plummeting into the earth. He would eventually be retrieved by Cadmus Laboratories who wanted to study him as an infinate power source. He escapes and seeks revenge on the people he blames for his condition, but is stopped by Batman and imprisoned in Arkham.

Television History

Batman Beyond

The character Blight from the animated series Batman Beyond has a design that strongly resembles Doctor Phosphorus, along with similar radioactive powers. In an interview with Bruce Timm in the Modern Masters volume profiling him, Timm, a professed fan of the Englehart/Rogers Batman run, readily admits to the similarities between Blight and Phosphorus. In Batgirl #6 (2010), Roulette refers to Phosphorus as "the Baron of Blight".

Derek Powers was a wealthy businessman. After years of bidding, his company, Powers Technology, merged with Wayne Industries. Wayne was now an old man, and took little interest in day-to-day operations. In the mean time, Powers shifted the company into shady waters. Despite a weapons embargo, he set up a deal for a dangerous nerve gas with Kaznia. An employee, Harry Tully, found out and passed the information along to his co-worker, Warren McGinnis. Tully later died from exposure to the nerve gas. Desperate to retrieve the information, Powers set his assistant Mr. Fixx to kill McGinnis and make it appear the latter was the victim of the Jokerz gang. However, Fixx did not obtain the disc of information, which had been earlier found by Warren's son Terry. Terry gave the disc to Bruce Wayne, whom Terry discovered was once Batman. Terry would take up the guise of Batman to avenge his father's death.

In the confrontation with Batman, Powers was exposed to the nerve gas himself. In order to fight the effects, he underwent a nuclear radiation therapy that had a side effect in that it gave his skin and muscles into a toxic green color. He would mask this appearance with a special synthetic skin.

The radiation took its effect, and after the "Blight" side of Powers was exposed, he went into hiding. Only his assistant, Miss Winston, knew of his whereabouts - Powers hid in an old nuclear sub that would conceal his own radiation. After following her, Batman fought Blight and the submarine sank. Blight's body was never found.

Powers and Abilities


  • Radiation Production: Powers was transformed into a living nuclear hazard. He gave off dangerous amounts of radiation even passively that makes it lethal to be near him let alone touch without some form of protection. He has no control over this.
  • Energy Projection: Powers could manipulate this radiation for various effects. At first, he could only project this radiation from his hands as energy beams or fireballs. As his powers grew increasingly unstable, he was able to emit wide range waves of radiation.
  • Thermokinesis: His powers also caused him to be extremely hot in the literal sense. Powers is incapable of feeling the cold, and his touch can sear even metal.




Publicity: Powers had to take constant care not to show his condition; the protective layer of synthetic skin would easily crack.

Mental Instability: As his powers grew his condition slowly ate away at his mind. Giving him heightened agression or lower rationality making him quick to anger and eventually leading to murderous fits of rage under the slightest provocation. This continued to grow stronger over time



As the CEO of WaynePowers he had virtually unlimited resources at his disposal.

The Batman

120px-Phosphorus (The Batman)
In The Batman, Firefly's mutation from the Phosphorus Isotope causes him to become Phosphorus, who is somewhat based on Doctor Phosphorus. He has the same radioactive powers of Doctor Phosphorus, but he burns orange flame instead of white. Phosphorus also shares his comic book counterpart's insanity.
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