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Doctor Octopus is the main antagonist of the 2000 PlayStation Spider-Man game.


Otto Octavius uses his four mechanical tentacles to work with the symbiote Carnage and cover New York in gas that would allowed symbiotes to quickly adapted on Earth. But with Spider-Man would deter them from their goal, he and Mysterio has orchestrated the frame-up for the hero by him appeared in the public to demonstrate his machine only for the fake Spider-Man (whom actually Mysterio in Disguise) steal the machine and escaped. While this succeed to causes Spider-Man on the run with authorities, Mysterio causes the bad mistake by destroyed Eddie Brock's camera, resulting him whom mistaken Mysterio as Spider-Man consumed by fear of being fired again by Jameson and become Venom, unaware that Peter was on his side when the fake Spider-Man attacks.

After his plan eventually revealed with Mysterio's defeat, Spider-Man confronts Doc Ock at his lab and was defeated. After the Carnage symbiote lands on the doctor, he becomes Monster Ock. Spider-Man runs away from the monster and Octavius is sent to jail. A year later, other villains wanted him to play Go-Fish.


  • "Phase One completed. Let us begin Phase Two."
  • "I will crush you like the bug you are."

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