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Doctor octopus

Doctor Octopus as he appears in Spider-Man Noir

Doctor Octopus (more commonly known as Otto Octavius) was the main villain of the second Spider-Man Noir volume. Though Doc Ock is always a villain, this nazi-aligned version of the character is an even more sinister individual than his mainstream counterpart, not even having the same sympathetic backstory as his mainstream and movie versions.


Otto Octavius was born a cripple and so uses his mechanical arms attached to his wheelchair to compensate for his physical limitations.  Growing up in South Africa, he became jealous and hateful of the Africans around him who had more freedom than him due to not being crippled. Becoming a world-renowned biologist, Otto also embraced a racist and xenophobic world-view, eventually coming to join the Nazi party. Aligning himself with the Friends of New Germany crime syndicate, Otto took to kidnapping African American minorities in New York and turning them into mindless slaves, also believing that outright genocide would be "wasteful". 

Eventually though, Otto's activities drew both the FBI and Spider-Man, at which point Otto realized that the jig was up. Deciding that his "partner" Crime Master had outlived his usefulness, Otto savagely murdered him with homicidal glee.  However his escape attempt went less smoothly and he was caught by the FBI.  However, due to having previously worked on US government projects that the powers that be did not want released to the public, Otto was acquitted and deported to Germany. However Otto ultimately got his own unique brand of punishment when, being met by Heinrich Himmler, was rejected by him on the grounds that due to being a cripple he was not fit to be part of the Nazi's vision of the superior man and was left alone, abandoned by the very people whose worldview he'd so fervently embraced. 

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