Doctor McClean (Dr. Olimpo) is a villain in the comic book franchise Monica's Gang. He is one of several archenemies of Smudge and the second most frequent villain in stories after Captain Fray, who is also his enemy due the fact that both are the opposite of each other. He is a criminal neurotic about cleanliness.


Dr. Olimpo originally appeared as a smuggler obsessed with cleanliness that just targeting the young dirty boy Smudge and his friend Jimmy Five to help him in his evil plans. Since its first appearance Olimpo was considered a big rival for Smudge due to their obsession with cleanliness ever want to capture Smudge to give him a bath, something that many villains and even parents and friends of Smudge could never do because of the cunning of dirty boy. Over time it was ceasing to be a criminal and became a crazy and bigoted villain with sole aim of exterminating Smudge and "his dirty friends" as is also the case of the villain Captain Fray, considered its opposite: a born polluter.

Even though in recent stories he has only just demonstrates tantrum and madness in wanting to clean the smudge he often gets to ally with other more serious villains as Lord Big Rabbit, Dr. Spam, Viviane, not knowing his intentions for wanting to be part of it.

He has as cowardly and incompetent henchman Sapoleo that always helps her boss in evil plans.