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Doctor Malocchio

Dr. Giuseppe Malochio, better known as Doctor Malocchio, is the central and primary villain of The Awesomes. He has the ability to completely take control of other people's minds.  He enjoys high-end dining and cooking.

He is the founder of Malocchio Laboratories in the 1940s, he was the first doctor to study superheroes and was the confidante of many of the world's leading heroes in his quest to understand and isolate the supergene. Among his partnerships were the original 1940s lineup of The Awesomes, and Mr. Awesome soon became his best friend. Together they worked in the laboratory and co-discovered the supergene. But Malocchio and Mr. Awesome had different ideas as to how best use their new discovery. Malocchio wanted to use it to make ordinary humans super, and injected himself with the serum. Although originally good, the terrible side effects of the formula turned him monstrously evil. He gained the ability to control human or superhero minds at will. He then used the serum to create an evil army of supervillains, who have battled superheroes for decades, each villain identifiable as one of Malocchio's by the characteristic red eyes; Malocchio means 'evil eye' in Italian. Considered the world's most dangerous supervillain, he was imprisoned. Once the original Awesomes disbanded, he easily escaped from prison by using his mind control on the guards, and even forced them to become his minions. His goal is to convince everyone to surrender their superpowers, ostensibly to protect bystanders from collateral damage. He has a passion for gourmet cooking and is Hotwire's father.


  • He was voiced by Bill Hader.