Doctor Levine

Doctor Levine

Doctor Levine, also known as "Dr. Levine" and "Levine" was an evil doctor and the main antagonist of the Grimm episode "Organ Grinder". She is a Geier, a sadistic vulture-like creature.

She was portrayed by Valerie Cruz.


In her human form, Levine appeared as a kind doctor, who worked at a charity clinic, to help mostly runaways. But secretly, following Geier tradition, she and the other Geiers would kidnap and then dissect some of the patients and sell there organs for profit.

While investigating the disappearance of several people, Nick befriended to runaways, Gracie and Hanson. Fearing they would lead the cops to her, Levine ordered them to be abducted. However realizing the Geiers were operating in the area, Nick managed to force a single Geier into revealing the location of where they kept the victims. She was just about to start the dissection, when leading the police, Nick attacked the area, Levine ran for it. Nick chased her down, but she managed to ambush him.

Although her enhanced agility and speed managed to at first keep her on top of the fight, she quickly proved no match for a Grimm. Nick threw her backwards and she accidentally stumbled into the fire pit where the Geiers disposed of the bodies killing her.



  • Doctor Levine's death Is similar to the Witch's death in the classical fairytale Hansel and Gretel from which the episode was loosely based upon.