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Doctor Frankenollie

Doctor Frankenollie is the Big Bad of the Mickey Mouse short film Runaway Brain.

He is voiced by actor Kelsey Grammer, who also portrayed Stinky Pete, Sideshow Bob and Harold Attinger.

Character Biography

He is depicted as an insane monkey - a parody of the infamous Doctor Frankenstein (who, despite popular misconception, is the scientist, not the monster).

Doctor Frankenollie is a mad scientist who attempted to switch Mickey's brain with that of his giant monster Julius, he put an ad in the newspaper promising to pay his employer 999 dollars Mickey answers the ad and he captures him, during the brain switch he attaches helmets to their heads and activates a switch while laughing manically causing a large explosion, Mickey awakes to find himself in Julius' body, thus the operation is successedul. Mickey finds a charred Frankenollie and tells him to change him back, but Frankenollie's body disintigrates and turns to a skeleton in Mickey's hands.


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