Doctor Doctor is the Secret Show's main antagonist. She always tries to destroy U.Z.Z and rule the world but always fails.

She is the main villan in the Secret Show. She also runs the evil organization T.H.E.M. (The Horrible Evil Menace) and wants to destroy U.Z.Z. and rule the world, and has devised many plans to do so, from stealing all the world's money, to attempting to outright kill Victor Volt and Anita Knight, by stranding them on the Sun. She is the cause of many U.Z.Z's problems.


Doctor Doctor went to the School for the Chronically gifted along with Professor Professor. It's also been discovered that she and Professor Professor dated during this time, though Professor Professor strictly denies this. Whether or not Doctor Doctor would deny this truth (or even relatively cares for it) is unknown, though it's highly likely that she would, just to save her reputation. She refers to the T.H.E.M. agents as expandables

Physical Appearance

Doctor Doctor has blue skin and rotton teeth, which wiggle every time she speaks above a whisper. It was revealed that her teeth were mangled by the killer toothbrush. Her hair is also a darker blue with a white stripe going through it. Her hair is styled in a cone on her hair. She seems to also have a laser gun and a propeler hidden in her hair. She wears a black jumpsuit with a white scientists jacket and purple high-heels. Doctor Doctor also wears purple glasses.