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Doctor Bong is a Marvel comics supervillain and an enemy of Howard the Duck.

Lester Verde was bullied as a small child. A comforting remark about his making funny stories by his mother led Lester toward a career in journalism. Throughout his adolescence and young adulthood he used his gift of writing to slander, defame and destroy any he felt did him wrong. This included Professor Furgen, his journalism professor, and Beverly Switzler's boyfriend David. Hoping to attract Beverly's attention, Lester became a music critic and hoped to write a tell-all book about Mildred Horowitz's band. He participated in several performances to gain their trust, however one night a prop guillotine cut off his left hand. Why Lester adopted the comical guise of Doctor Bong, or how he became a genetic engineering and sonic’s genius has never been revealed.

Powers / Abilities

Doctor Bong possesses knowledge of genetic engineering advanced far beyond the scope of contemporary mainstream science. Using this knowledge he has transformed normal animals into sentient, semi-humanoid beings and created clones. He is also an expert in sonics.

  • Teleportation: Doctor Bong possesses teleportational equipment powerful enough to transport his entire castle over vast distances.
  • Sonic Attack: Doctor Bong wears a helmet shaped like a bell, and wears a large metal ball in place of his severed left hand. By striking the ball against his helmet, he creates sonic vibrations which can produce a wide variety of effects. The vibrations can, for example, have concussive force, can paralyze a living being temporarily, create a nearly impenetrable sonic barrier, or teleport.

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