If there's someone in here, I'm gonna...give them a ticket! AND DESTROY THEM!!!
~ Dock Hag

The Dock Hag is the main antagonist of the series The Misadventures of Flapjack.


The Dock Hag lives on Stormalong Harbor where she gives tickets to the residents for the misdeeds they have done. However, the Dock Hag ends up giving so many tickets that it has become an issue. The Dock Hag is also feared by everyone on Stormalong Harbor (except for K'nuckles who downright hates her).

Relationships with Others


The Dock Hag actually shows an affection for K'nuckles, though, K'nuckles doesn't feel the same back. K'nuckles commonly doesn't know what she is genderwise and this annoys her. The Dock Hag also gets angry at K'nuckles for getting in trouble and writes him tickets. However, it was also revealed in the episode "Behind the Curtain" that she keeps a doll resembling K'nuckles made up of his tickets.