The world may end, but I will survive.
~ Doc Terror

Doc Terror is the main antagonist of the animated TV series Centurions. He would send his Terror Bots and his cyborg minions to attack sites around the globe in hopes of conquering it.

A brilliant scientist who revolutionized medical and military science by his successful merger of man and machine he is nevertheless more than willing to enter the fray himself.


Doc Terror was once a respected member of a council of scientists who worked to make the world a better place. He in particular sought to explore the potential for merging humans with machines (cyborgs) in order to replace lost limbs and combat immobilizing diseases. The others on the council did not share his enthusiasm, some due to fear and others due to conflicting interests.

After being stymied for so long the doctor sought to prove the worth of his theories and inventions by turning a volunteer into a cyborg. His colleagues did not help him, rather they denied him any support at all, so he hired the dimwitted yet competent criminal Hacker to obtain the needed parts from his colleagues and then turned Hacker into the first prototype cyborg.

When the two presented the results at the council, Doc Terror was immediately removed from it for the illicit means by which he had obtained the parts and the immoral experimentation he had done with them. He was furious and returned home with Hacker.

Hacker then asked the doctor to reverse the mechanization, which he could not. In a fit of rage Hacker attacked the equipment in the lab, which ended up breaking off and severely injured him. Needless to say, the doctor was dying, but Hacker managed to save his life by making use of the same equipment that had turned him into a cyborg.

What emerged from the operation was less human than Hacker, horribly disfigured and hellbent on avenging himself on the world, the new Doc Terror started preparing to conquer the ungrateful inhabitants of Earth. His fury was further fueled by the use of his technologies in the medical fields and their later use in creating the exoskeletal suits for his nemeses, the Centurions.

He is not above villainous breakdowns, but is willing to put aside his evil intentions for a greater purpose or when his daughter Amber requests it.

Skills & Technology

Doc Terror is a genius in various scientific fields, from cyber-organics, robotics and exobiology to archeology, and has many other fields of expertise besides. He is his world's pioneer in cyborg technology and has also managed to manufacture weaponry based on it.

He's also a charismatic talker, a skilled debater, a capable strategist and has a knack for finding things on a rumor. Half his body has been replaced with a prosthetic unit called Syntax which on one occasion bonds with Hacker's half Legion to form Omniborg. He is able to combine with other prosthetic units such as a modified Strafer drone in order to fly or gain greater firepower.


Doc Terror is filled with rage, some of it nerd rage, over the fact that though he was banned from the scientific community for creating cyber-organic technology the same tech is now used world-wide with not a scrap of credit going to him. He feels righteously wrathful over it and intends to mechanize the world under his rule to pay back those who wronged him.

Besides that though, he is a villainous, calculating, and manipulative person who has come close to the Moral Event Horizon numerous times. Despite being dedicated to his goal of world domination, he does deeply care for several people, most notably his daughter Amber and his faithful minion Hacker.