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Doc Q

Pre-Timeskip Doc Q

Doc Q (ドクQ Doku Kyū), nicknamed "Death God", is the doctor of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of its original members. He rides with his steed named Stronger.


Like the rest of his crew mates, Doc Q is a very large man and is always seen traveling on the back of his horse Stronger, who is (similarly) an unusually large horse. His nose is slightly longer than normal, his face appears always unshaven, and there are straight purple tattoos coming from his hairline to the corners of his eyes. He has long, curly, gray hair, and constantly has a pallid look about him acting as though he is on the verge of death.

He is seen wearing a black fur coat, a wide-brimmed, black beaten hat, and what appears to be a dark white hangman's noose around his neck. He would appear to wear a green turtleneck, and from under his coat sprouts what looks to be a brown robe, under which his hairy legs are visible. He has black, large-buckled shoes. On his back he carries a long, cylindrical bag, in which he keeps his scythe. His overall appearance resembles that of a stereotypical undertaker from Western fictions. His pale skin, rather thin body, dark clothing, and use of a scythe is also very similar to the typical Western image of a Grim Reaper, befitting of his epithet.

As he is by his own admission very sick, this trait often shows on his expressions - Commonly showing some level of pain and exhaustion, and sometimes stopping during the middle of his sentences to cough. His chronic sickness is severe enough that he even has a gruesome tendency to bleed from his mouth. Despite these health problems, he also displays occasional smiles on matters he finds impressive.



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Incident on Banaro Island


Summit War Saga


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During the Timeskip




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