Doc Hawkins

Doc Hawkins

Doc Hawkins is one of the minor antagonists of the 1994 action film, Surviving the Game. He is the founder of the hunting at Hell's Canyon and is a psychotic psychiatrist.

He is portrayed by Gary Busey.

Doc Hawkins first meets Jack Mason when he arrives at the cabin in the forest at Hell's Canyon. He has supper with Mason and the other hunters who discuss about what they do in the wilderness. After supper, Hawkins gives Mason a pack of cigarettes. He later tells Mason the story of his past life when his dad made him fight his dog in order to make him a man.

Hawkins saw Mason run in the forest when the hunters escorted out of the cabin. He appeared to be excited to hunt Mason because he explains that he intends to break Mason's neck with his bare hands. Hawkins later fought Mason when he found him after Mason set the cabin on fire. Even though he had a knife, he chose to fight with his bare hands. Mason took the upper hand in killing Hawkins when he punched his groin and threw him through the window into the burning cabin. Hawkins was the first hunter of the group to be killed by Mason.

Doc Hawkins is very psychotic, crazed and downright sadistic. It is shown that he killed many men in his hunts as evidenced when Mason finds a room with heads in jars. It is also shown that he fights in hand-to-hand combat rather than relying on a weapon.