Dobbs 1


Dobbs is a supporting antagonist in the 2001 movie Max Keeble's Big Move.

He was played by Orlando Brown.


Dobbs is a greedy bully who likes to steal lunch money from other kids with Max Keeble always being his main target. Later, Max stole his handheld computer advice and gave it to the Evil Ice Cream man while he left the Ice Cream's metal coil on Dobbs' porch while he received an email about his device. Dobbs' went to dump yard where he meet up with the Evil Ice Cream Man and demanded each other to give their own devices back. The two each destroyed the devices of the other and got into a fight with Max picking up the Ice Cream truck with a giant claw vehicle and dumped gallons of melted ice cream all over them. Wanting revenge after realizing that Max (with strong courage) has not moved to Chicago, Dobbs partnered with Troy McGinty and they tormented him in the school parking lot. However, the kids finally got back at them and threw the two in the dumpster.