Do-Tar in the game's cover.

Is that what you insignificant bugs are calling this wicked phenomenon? Sadler, once you are no more I will show the selfish throng of humanity what chaos is!
~ Do-Tar

Do-Tar is the main villain from Exile: Wicked Phenomenon. He is a demon born from the negative toughts of mankind, and the embodiment of hatred. Once he woke from his slumber, he started to spread chaos througout the land, manipulating those with weak mind to cause suffering and destruction. Once he learns that Sadler started a journey to find the source of the chaos, he sends Lawrence, an artificial human under his control, to kill Sadler. Lawrence is defeated, breaking free of Do-Tar's control and joining Sadler, so he sends the Doom and Destruction Devils to kill Sadler, but they are defeated as well. Lawrence, who had gone ahead, confronts Do-Tar, but is defeated. Sadler eventually finds them, learning of Lawrence's origin. Do-Tar offers for Sadler to become his slave, but he refuses, deciding to fight the demon instead. Sadler defeats him, but he then takes control over his friends. As Sadler refuses to hurt them, he is subjugated, so Do-Tar order his death, but Lawrence, who was still alive, uses his remaining power to deliver a final blow into Do-Tar, who is finally destroyed, but Lawrence perishes as well.