The Djourab is the main antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode The Conjunction of the Three Moons. It is a gigantic crab like dragon that only appears during the Conjunction of the Three Moons.


During time drawing up on the Conjunction of the Three Moons, Lian Chu returns to his home island where his village was once destroyed by a dragon. While striding through the woods, Lian Chu witnesses a boy fleeing from a Djourab. He saves the boy and together they hide inside a bush, the berries overshadowing their scents.

Remembering the fate of his own village, Lian Chu decides to stay and help the villagers defeat the Djourab. Gwizdo, Zaza and Hector then catch up to Lian Chu and together they return the boy to his village, which is built on the remains of Lian Chu's village.

At night, Lian Chu and Gwizdo wait together for the arrival of the Djourab. The instant the moons align perfectly, the dragon walks out of the woods, intending to destroy the village. He is however stopped when Lian Chu walks into his path. The dragon tries to smash Lian Chu with his claws but Lian Chu blocks the blows with his sword. Lian Chu is eventually disarmed and is forced to flee, hiding in the same spot he hid in as a child when his village was destroyed. The dragon then enters the village, where Lian Chu catches up on him. While the Djourab is occupied, Lian Chu cuts off his tail, causing him to flee from the scene. As the Conjunction of the Three Moons, the Dragon flees and the village is saved.