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Djinn is a mystical puppet found in the tombs of pharaohs and kings within the land of Egypt.


Djinn was sold on the black market and bought by the previous puppet master. some how containing magical powers. Djinn was given from The Caira Merchant, named “Ahmed El Eskander”, the son of Afzel. He taught Andre Toulon the secrets of giving life to inanimate objects, gave his friend, the puppet, which started out lifeless, but soon gained the soul of the magician, Ahmed El Eskander, and now as "Djinn the Hobgoblin". Djinn is often credited as a goblin it is more likely a demon of Arabic folklore. His only weapons is a sword and a dagger. He can grant 3 wishes from his master, but with a cost of one's life or a horrible twist.


  • It was unknown what his actual name was either being "Egyptian Goblin Puppet" or "Djinn" but it was finally confirmed by Full Moon (replica) his name is "Homunculus".