Ditto Otto
Ditto Otto is the brother of Otis of The Angry Beavers episode Alley Oops. He is one of the bullies of the bowling alley, he gets punched in the head by Otis.

Physical Appearance

Ditto is a skinny man, wearing a blue cap, red shirt, blue jeans and blue shoes. He also has a metal through his head.


At the bowling alley, the Otis brothers come in and see Daggett's good bowling skills. They challenge him to a bowling game, which that the loser never shows its face in this bowling alley ever again, and the team bowling only play with brothers. So Daggett takes his brother Norbert to a challenge, which Norbert isn't really good at bowling. Ditto said that he and Otis can go home and make candles shaped of sad little puppies, which reveal Ditto is good at it and Otis isn't (in spite of Ditto being dumb). Later, Norbert has one pin to win, Norbert bowls and hit one pin, which shakes a bit. When Otis laughs and jumps on the floor so hard, causing one pin to fall down, which Otis and Ditto loses and leaves the bowling alley in defeat. Then Ditto say that he will show Otis have to make really good sad little puppies, which Otis punches him in the head again.