Dito and Feito are two bad animals that lives on the Cocoricó Farm; they were the first villains of the series. Feito is a rodent, and Dito is a monkey. The name of them is a pun: Dito is the nickname to Benedito, and Feito is the nickname to Feitosa (their true names) and Dito and Feito in a phrase, made the popular saying "Dito e Feito" ("Sure Enough").

They are like various Brazilian Child Show Villains: Arranges trouble, but have a sense of honor and kindness, so, they want not do nothing wrong and

At the ends of the series, they become recurringvillains and Feito (even being smart) and Dito always is cheated by Torquato and Vina, that induces Dito and Feito to help them in their schemes.


Is the leader of the duo. He thinks he is smart, and induces Dito to do troubles, so, he is a crusty guy that hates children and affection.


In the begin of the series, is named "Bobalhão" (lubber) by Feito, but after, Feito call him by his nickname (Dito). He is a donkey guy that seems to bea good guy, but is so idiotic (and is a big friend of Feito, so, he always works with him) that Feito always induces him to help him in his schemes. He always asks to Feito if what they are doing is wrong or right, and Feito scolds him later.