Walt Fujiyama a.k.a. The District Manager  is a corpulent and buffoonish businessman who commands the American branch of Sagin's ninja tribe in the first major saga of Ben Edlund's The Tick comics. He is not a skilled fighter, or a brilliant criminal, though he does seem to have some conventional business savy, managing to turn great profits from commercializing the ninja, and creating a theme park which doubles as their base of operation.

Evil acts

The District manager is the original force behind the incompotent American ninja clan's plan to abduct Oedipus, a beutiful young girl trained in the art of ninjutsu herself, and considerably more adept than almost every ninja in the clan put together. He wishes to obtain the Thorn of Oblivion, an artifact that looks like a large novelty piece of candy corn, which is said to have the mystical power to control the fate of the ninja world. The initial stages of his plan are effortlessly thwarted by the Tick and Oedipus, but when he stages an ambush at one of Oedipus's mother's gala affairs, one of his ninja stabs Oedipus (but does not kill her) sending the Tick into a rage. The Tick decimates Ninja World, and leaves on of the District Manager's most profitable ventures in ruins. The manager calls Sagin to tell him of his tragedy and failiure. Sagin, decides to come to America and take matters into his own hands, planning to destroy the cheapened American ninja clan, the District Manager, and the Tick and Paul the Samurai. The District Manager's fate is never shown.