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~ Discord at the end of DRESS.MOV

Discord is the main antagonist of Hotdiggedydemon's PONY.MOV cartoons, a parody of the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic series. He is a heavily altered version of the canon character Discord.


Discord looks significantly different compared to his canon counterpart. He is a massive, hulking creature who easily towers over Ponyville's buildings. He is muscle-bound compared to the slender Discord of canon. He also has huge fangs pointing upwards and sinister, glowing red eyes. His wings seem to be purely decorative, as he never shows any ability to fly.


Unlike the canon version of the character, this Discord is a truly monstrous and fearsome beast who brutally destroys Ponyville and actually kills ponies. Instead of the humorous trickster he is in canon, this Discord is a cruel and sadistic being, who commands the ponies to "bring him their virgins" and rips out Rainbow Dash's wings with glee in SWAG.MOV. In line with his role as the incarnation of hatred, he apparently thinks "ponies are for little girls".

Strengths and Weaknesses

He is not able to alter reality, but has more than enough strength to crush any foe standing in his way and is very difficult to harm (as shown when Celestia's lasers do nothing to him). He can use his tail like a whip to trip opponents. He can also fire huge beams from his mouth that cause explosions upon impact (evoking Godzilla).

He is implied to be vulnerable to the Elements of Harmony, just like in the original show, but unfortunately they are found too late to be of use, and even if they had been found earlier it is uncertain the .MOV main characters (many of which don't display their supposed element at all) would have been able to use them. Thankfully, he is also vulnerable to the Sword of the Holy Titans, the powerful entities who have created the Elements.

Role in the story

Discord first appears in DRESS.MOV, rampaging in Ponyville. He kills Apple Bloom in SHED.MOV, and in MAGIC.MOV he bites Princess Celestia's head off and is later joined by Wolflor and the R–Dash 5,000. In SWAG.MOV, he is finally decapitated by a Rainbow Dash turned giant with the help of the legendary Sword of the Holy Titans (releasing enough blood to nearly flood Ponyville). In a post-credits, what's left of him (his head) falls from the sky and crash lands in Fluttershy's shed.

In "Ask Jappleack", Discord is revealed to be the son of Appelox, a powerful world-devouring abomination. Appelox is the one to have sent Discord to .MOV Equestria in punishment for Jappleack's forays into his realm.


  • Because Discord is the true main villain, The Mane Six & Spike became secondary antagonists.


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