Dirty Rat

Dirty Rat, being strangled by Lord Fear. The photo is taken from season 1 episode 6 "Opposite Attraction", when Dirty Rat informs Lord Fear Lady Illusion is missing.

Heh-heh-heh. Stupid mortals.
~ Dirty Rat, season 1 episode 7 (Only Human), after seeing Wayne Fisgus and his mates run out of the Haunted House at the Kent Bros. Carnival.

The Dirty Rat is a minor villain from the BBC TV series and video game Ace Lightning. He is a villain from one of the dimensions of the video game Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom, debuting in the first episode of season 1, serving as Lord Fear's spy.

He is voiced by Adrian Traus.


Resembling an anthropomorphic winged rat (hence his name) dressed in a clown's outfit, the Dirty Rat is probably Lord Fear's second most recurring minion (pipped to the post by Staff Head) and serves as the main spy of the Carnival of Doom gang. He's portrayed as being very sneaky and sniveling; as such, he's quite cowardly, avoiding battle at any given opportunity and secretly hating Lord Fear, due to the amount of abuse he receives if he ever fails his master. Because of this, he forms a close bond with Duff Kent (the owner of the Kent. Bros Carnival) and also becomes enthralled with the entertainments of the mortal world, in particular, TV (the shopping channels are his favourites).

Dirty Rat is often shown fighting alongside Pigface, and later befriends Rotgut.

In episode 25, the Dirty Rat organizes a takeover of the Carnival gang, where Duff Kent, Pigface et al rise up against Lord Fear.


The Dirty Rat can use throwing explosives, similar to what Lady Illusion uses. He also has enhanced senses, as demonstrated in season 1 episode 7 "Only Human", when he smells out a piece of the Amulet of Zoar (which is later used to summon Googler and his puppets). He also transforms into a gargoyle on the roof of the Haunted House at the Kent. Bros Carnival, when his powers are depleted (although this didn't happen as much as it did to the other villains), and he can use this form to spy on others (silently).

History in the showEdit

Throughout season 1, the abuse from Lord Fear wears Dirty Rat's patience very thin, and he's eventually persuaded by Sparx to rebel against his master (the other minions, equally abused, follow suit), but Lord Fear returns, with the Amulet of Zoar (now completed) and convinces Dirty Rat to stay by his side. Dirty Rat is then defeated by Ace and Mark Hollander, along with all the other villains (besides Lady Illusion).

In season 2, the villains are brought back, and Dirty Rat immediately becomes Kilobyte's deputy, only to be backhanded on an episodic basis. Dirty Rat soon befriends Rotgut. In episode 13 (the final episode of season 2), he runs away with Lord Fear and Staff Head, following Kilobyte's defeat at the hands of Lord Fear and Ace (Lady Illusion in disguise, really).