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Dirk is an antagonist in the comic strip Luann by Greg Evans.

Role in Luann

He was Toni Daytona's ex-boyfriend and an archrival with Brad Degroot over her affections. He was originally emotionally abusive and possessive of Toni. He became Brad's rival the moment he picked Toni up for a ride. He tried to run them down with his car, and created a car accident. He also severely beat Brad up. He was later arrested and was given a restraining order to stay away from Brad. A common thing that Dirk said was that he was going to join the police academy, even though he would most likely be disqualified for his felony record. Soon afterwards, he tried to stalk Toni, not wrapping his mind around the fact that she broke up with him, in an attempt to impress her. He was later returned to jail after Brad called to report that he had broken his restraining order. On September 6, 2010, he returned to the strip as a garbage collector still trying to work to get into the police academy. At this time, he was going through anger management, and he also claimed to have changed because of his new-found faith. In one of the more recent strips, it turns out that he has his own wife and child when he bumped into Toni at the grocery store. It remains to be seen if Dirk's redemption will hold any water.