Dirge (SotC)

Dirge also known as the Sand Tiger, is the tenth Colossus as well as the 10th boss in the video game; Shadow of the Colossus.


Dirge is a giant sand worm with spikes, a giant jaw and soul piecing eyes.

Shadow of the Colossus

When Wander reaches the area where Dirge is hiding, Dirge appears and attacks Wander. Dirge is incredibly fast, the only way Wander can outrun Dirge is by riding on his horse. When Dirge is about to eat Wander, he shows his soul piecing eyes. Wander then grabes his bow and arrow and shoots an arrow in Dirge's eye. If Wander is successful, Dirge will go out of control, roll on his back, and slam into a wall. Wander then climbs onto Dirge and stabs Dirge's sigil. After getting stabbed enough, Dirge will regain consciousness and dig under the sand. Wander does ths about two more times until Dirge is finally dead.


  • Dirge is one of the stronger Colossi. Because getting bitten by Dirge can take nearly all of Wander's health.