250px-G1Dirge MTMTE
Death comes to he who crosses me.
~ Dirge

Dirge is one of the many Decepticon seekers present in the Transformers franchise.

Generation One

Dirge was one of the several generic Decepticons that blindly followed Megatron in the original television show. It has almost become a "running gag" for the fearmonging Decepticon to either be killed or defeated easily, a good example is when Unicron eats him in the film. However, despite his deaths and wounds, Dirge always somehow comes back, being one of the few Decepticons to survive the events of the film and continued to follow Megatron, who was boosted up to an even stronger 'con called Galvatron.


After Starscream went rouge and became an immortal loner waging war on his former leader, Megatron, he used his supernatural spark to construct a small army of clones with fragments of personalities of him. As every clone had the personality of an exaggerated Starscream trait, Dirge's was greed.