Dire Wraiths are a dangerous parasitic race of aliens native to Marvel comics, most associated with Rom the Space-Knight these are an off-shot of the Skrulls, corrupted by dark magic and becoming a completely new diabolical threat in the process.


The Dire Wraiths hold their origins over a billion years ago, when the Skrulls were still a very young species, the ancient space-gods known as the Celestials arrived on Skrullos and experimented on some of the natives, creating the Eternal, Prime and Deviant branches of Skrulls, of these three subtypes the Deviant Skrulls would grow the strongest and attacked the other species, wiping them out.

Growing bold some members of the Deviant Skrulls would start to experiment with dark and forbidden magic, forever changing them into the Dire Wraith subspecies - this sparked yet another genocidal purge by the Deviant Skrulls and since they were vastly outnumbered the Dire Wraiths were forced to flee Skrullos and effectively break away entirely from the Skrull home-world and its people, becoming a power in their own right.

Powers and Abilities

Dire Wraiths retain the shape-shifting abilities of Deviant Skrulls but have developed several mutations unique to their own species, such as an extendible tongue that can drain the life out of victims and turn them to husks.

Dire Wraiths are also naturally sorcerous beings prone to dark magic, they also employ advanced bio-weaponry and warp-capable ships by which to further expand their empire.