Dione was a secondary class pallasites. He is not a human. As a pallasite, his time control and another powers, depends of his weapon (whip) and with out it, the distortions made by him disappears.



Dione is sent to the Sanctuary to kill Kiki, to avoids Kiki to fix the clothes. But, when Kiki uses his cosmo, Dione perceives he will die with Kiki's attack, so, gets away.


How have not way (he must protect Pallas Belda), Dione fights again against Kiki, to stop his clothes repairs. But, Shaina, Geki, Güney, Spear, Nachi and Ban try defeat him, and Sho, Usho and Daichi arrive there; when Kiki fix the clothes, Kouga and the bronze saints goes fights against Dione with their clothes, but Kiki stops them and asks to he fights against Dione melee. Dione thinks his whip can destroy anything and tries destroy Kiki's cloth, but it resists, because it is a gold cloth; Kiki uses the foible of Dione's chronotector to destroy it, and Kiki after kills Dione.