Angry Dinosaur
The dinosaurs appeared in Dino-Sore Days. One of them attacks Cro-Marmot, biting down on his head, when he chews on its tail, thinking it was a dead dinosaur he saw nearby. He escapes it by swinging away on his intestines, which he uses like a lasso, only to be caught and devoured by a pterosaur which was unfortunately flying nearby. She then feeds Cro-Marmot's remains to her chicks. 

The dinosaurs also appeared in Disco Bear's Smoochie. When the "Caveman" function is used, Disco Dear dresses up like a caveman, only to be stepped on by a T. Rex. The door to the house he's standing in front of opens, where a raptor comes out and scrapes his remains with the claws on its feet.

Dinosaurs also briefly appear in Blast from the Past, when Sniffles time travels to the prehistoric age. A pterosaur is seen flying in the background, as well as a small dinosaur which was crushed by Sniffles' time machine.


  • The pterodactles are one of the few characters to have killed  Cro-Marmot.
  • In the pilot episode, Lumpy was originally supposed to be a dinosaur.