Dinomighty is the first of the four major bosses in the Nintendo GameCube game Wario World that Wario must fight to regain his treasure.

Dinomighty has a variety of attacks. She will jump around the arena, creating shockwaves that must be jumped over, lest Wario be knocked into a daze for a few seconds. The same attack could also flatten Wario if he happens to be under Dinomighty. Another one of Dinomighty's attacks includes her eyes flashing red and her tongue, which has a Glue Globe on the end, lashing out at Wario. If Wario sticks to the Glue Globe, he will be swallowed and spit onto the ground.

To beat the large reptile, first Wario must dodge her attacks. Once she has finished with a few attacks, she will begin stomping around the arena. When this happens, Wario must grab the Glue Globe at the end of her tail. Eventually, she will lose track of Wario, raising her tail over her head. Wario has to let go of the Glue Globe and Ground Pound her head to put her into a daze, then he must use any of his Mad Moves.

Alternatively, Wario can grab a column and Power Throw it at her. If the column strikes one of the feet, she will jump around in pain, eventually landing in the lava outside the arena, releasing a large amount of coins. If the column strikes her elsewhere, she will simply get knocked out.

A final – yet tiresome and dangerous – way for Wario to stun her is using Wario's simple punch by repeatedly striking her on the bandage on her stomach. If Wario does this too much, the boss will try to step on the anti-hero. Eventually, Dinomighty will become dazed and Wario can pick her up and use his Mad Moves against her.

It takes five powerful moves to defeat the large dinosaur. When Dinomighty is down, Wario receives the first Giant Treasure Chest Key.

Another noticeable thing about Dinomighty is the fact that she is the first boss to get her head stuck in the ground when Wario does a Piledriver.