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Dino Velvet is one of the main antagonists of the 1999 thriller "8mm". He was portrayed by Peter Stormare, who also portrayed Gaer Grimsrud and Lucifer.

Dino Velvet is a pornographic film director who specializes in particularly violent S&M films. His works include snuff films starring the masked "Machine". Private Investigator Tom Welles infiltrates Velvet's snuff ring as part of his efforts to find out the truth about his client's missing daughter, with help from porn store employee Max California. However, Velvet soon finds out about Welles' ruse thanks to Daniel Longdale, a lawyer represting the man who commissioned the snuff film. Velvet orders Longdale to kill Welles, but Welles saves himself by revealing that Longdale was paid a great deal more to commission the film than Velvet was to make it; in the ensuing brawl, Velvet mortally wounds Longdale with a crossbow, and Longdale mortally wounds Velvet with a pistol.