Dinko is one of the 6 main characters in the TV show Pet Aliens. He is the leader of the gang and Tommy's best friend. Despite being a protagonist, Dinko is crazy and a huge troublemaker to the points where he can turn antagonistic.


Dinko is the leader and troublemaker of the alien gang. Though he always tries to help Tommy, he always mucks things up, often because he misunderstands Tommy's words to the point of insanity. Often Dinko will go to extreme measures (including villainy) to solve his curiosity to these words and earth rituals. This all leads to Tommy getting punished and/or blamed for everything he and his friends do and the aliens get off scot-free. He and his gang came to Earth to make an invasion to take over the Earth so, he, Swanky, Gumpers, Flip, and Scruffy stayed at Tommy's house and loved living there. It is unknown if he will make the invasion. his role is helping Tommy but he makes problems but that never will ruin his Friendship. He plans is really to take over the world but he has a good heart that as big as his ship.

Villainous Acts

  • The Amazing Atomic Tommy: Thinks Tommy is a superhero and goes to extreme lengths that almost get him killed. Including dropping a safe on his head and running him over with a truck.
  • Darkness: Causes a blackout in the entire city.
  • She Comes for Your Heart: Due to his misunderstanding, he steals Tommy's gift for Gabi.
  • It Comes When You Sleep: He and the aliens think Santa Claus is a murderer so, they beat him up and hide him in the bathtub and ruin Christmas for Tommy.
  • The Floating Head: Ruins Melba's parade float because he thinks it will steal Tommy forever.
  • The Party of Doom: Ruins Granville's party and gets Tommy blamed for it as always.
  • Invasion of the Baloon People: Ruins the hot air baloon ride for everyone due to thinking they're evil aliens. However, this is more of an act of stupidity.
  • They Had an Aluminum Ticket: steals Granville's taffy bars to win a contest.
  • The Thing on the Corner: steals the mail from the mailbox.
  • Tentacles of Terror: He and the other aliens eat Tommy of Earth's class pets thinking they are food.