Char 7854
is the dimwitted partner of bounty hunter Sleet in the show Sonic Underground.

Hired by Robotnik along with Sleet to hunt down the royal family, Dingo quickly develops a crush on Sonia, which she often uses to her advantage. Dingo is also very gullible, doing whatever Sleet tells him, and frequently not understanding an insult or parts of a sentence. An example of Dingo's stupidity is when Sleet hunts down the Queen Aleena ferry in Port Mobius. He succeeds in finding it using a submarine's periscope and declares it a 'sitting duck', but Dingo misunderstands him and asks why they are going to sink an innocent duck. Another example would be when Sleet says, "In your case that would be an improvement", which is an insult to Dingo saying that he would look better robotized. Dingo foolishly answers, "Really? Thanks!" not knowing that Sleet's meaning was rather sardonic in nature.

Dingo's only real usefulness is in his odd ability to change shape. When Sleet presses the button on his remote, Dingo can turn into any solid object or life form. Such items he has disguised himself as include a chili dog stand, a fly, a baby, a basket and even a woman. Despite this, he consistently retains his orange and yellow colors and voice patterns. Sometimes during transformations, Dingo can be heard to say, "Oh, not again!", implying that he does not enjoy shape-shifting. It is also possible that he has no control over what he turns into.

Despite (or even due to) his incompetence, Dingo can be quite dangerous. While disguised, he can become a dangerous trap in waiting.